At Al-Shujah Motors, we sell a wide variety of European and Japanese cars to the local market as well as to the greater East Africa region. Although our main products are imported cars, we do also offer a few extra services to our clients which include but not limited to catering for insurance matters, facilitation of log book transfers,car tracking and car servicing.

Car service-Generally, you should service your car after completing the given mileage. When this time comes, you need a partner and Al Shujah motors is the best that you can find around Nairobi area.If you are part of our customer base, we ensure that your car is fully serviced at the premises labour free.

Facilitation of logbook transfers- After buying a secondhand car, or from a dealership, you might need to change the details in the original logbook. However, at sometimes, this becomes a challenge and that's where Al Shujah Motors come in. We have a specialized team that makes this process easy for you and faster.

Assistance in insurance matters- Al Shujah Motors knows how it's difficult to settle for the right insurance company for new car owners. In this regard, we have a team of specialists who advise the new customers on how to go about the insurance policies available and to find one that suits their needs.

Car tracking-with the aid of qualified technicians we do facilitate tracking for our customers.The tracking assists you in real time tracking of your vehicle,it will also give you a history of the trips and through it you are able to stop and restart the vehicle anytime.